Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Experience

Here are some shots from Tithai Bay on Christmas Day:

I wrote this Christmas Day:
I'm not sure I've ever seen the ocean on Christmas. Not sure, I've ever even seen the sun on Christmas, but I have to say it's pretty awesome. It was my first Christmas away from home, I was a little worried I'd be lonely today, but I'm actually having a pleasant experience. Christmas is such a big day...when you have family and friends, but when you're alone, it's just another day. I wasn't feeling this good earlier as I spent all of Christmas eve and Christmas Day alone, without even speaking to someone in person (aside from the phone). I think it's the ocean. Something about it, it calms me, sooths any homesick I could have, and simply reminds me that this is where I'm supposed to be. Seriously, what is it about the ocean that doesn't make me homesick anymore? It always reminds me that whatever I'm doing, at that moment, I'm doing exactly what I should be doing. Right now I'm sitting in the back of the Subaru with the hatch open, drinking a beer and watching the waves on the beach. It's Christmas. At this moment all my family is gathering, having dinner and exchanging gifts. I miss them. But this year, I'm exactly where I should be. Maybe its the ocean, literally the ocean and the water that makes me feel at home. I mean the ocean I'm starring at right now is the same ocean I stare at back home. Its the liquid median that connects my home to where I'm at now. Same ocean, same water, same world.

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Stephanie said...

Ahoy, catching up on yer Dec. blogs and good to hear all's well now! I don't think you're really alone cause you still have your friends and family, who like you said, are dreaming of traveling to New Zealand. Instead of a short trip to Minnesota a.k.a. frozen arctic tundra for the holidays (down to 5 degF). (I did have fun though).

P.S. where are your flatmates from originally?

P.P.S. That turquoise water color actually comes from the seabed and dissolved stuff-- limestone often givens that color. Color and temperature aren't usually related, say take Crater Lake vs. coral reef at St. Johns in Caribbean, both are clear blue. One is frickin cold with little life, and the other is steamy with lots of life. I second Jess, try up North or the east side of the island! Not much land mass down there so you'd think waves are building somewhere...