Friday, December 14, 2007


I've been having some difficulties getting hooked up to internet the past few days. But I wrote this the other day.

December, 14th, 2007
So many new sites , sounds and people. The accents are incredible, makes the English language sound respectable in the ranks of Italian, Spanish, French and Latin. Almost how it’s supposed to sound. Very familiar feeling, with a different twist.

Bill Bryson wrote of the feeling he got when he travels 15,000 miles over the largest ocean in the world, losing 2 days of your life only to step off the airplane and see a modern westernized world with freeways, fast food chains and the everyday hustle of a modern, completive economy. Its like with everything you go through just to get here, you half way expect to see people on camels speaking a language you’ve never heard., living in mud adobes or something. But no, I’m on the bottom of the world, chillin in a super Seattle-esque coffee shop sipping an Americano writing on my laptop. Is this the traveling experience I came for? Not sure. Two days ago, I went out flat hunting (looking for a place to rent). I totally dig Wellington, very much a place I could spend a lot of time. It’s on the bottom of the North Island, and the access to everything is incredible. There’s even a surfing beach pretty much in the city (although the waves don’t get very good very often here). Seems like there’s a ton of jobs here, and I could be very happy spending a ton of time here. I’ve been in the country now for a week. I’ve seen so little of everything it has to offer. I went though so much to get here. Yes I’ve been a little worried about the cash flow since issues with my truck back home have turned from bad to worse. So logically I should hang low, get a job, find a place and hang out for a bit. But that’s logic. What is logic really? Was quitting a good job with nothing lined up logical? Was getting a one-way ticket to a place I’ve never been on the other side of the world logical? Was leaving a perfectly good life logical? If I listened to logic, I wouldn’t be here. So why start now? Time to move.

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