Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yesterday I took a walk down to the beach, it was a pretty nice day, maybe around 70 degrees with a semi-chilly wind. I was like OK sweet I stick my feet in and feel it out. People were swimming everywhere. I didn't really understand this considering that it wasn't all that warm to be swimming, especially in the ocean. So whatever, I'm used to the 47 degree waters of the Washington Coast, how bad could it be? Right. I only stuck my feet in and I seriously felt like they were going to instantly fall off in some sort liquid nitrogen way that happens with only the uber bad dudes in final scenes of movies like Die Hard, Die another day and Die an utterly painful death in cold water....Well I haven't seen the last one yet. But really come on! I was about to collapse in a fetal position with my knees tucked into my chin and and start moaning like the "Grape Lady" on It's kind of interesting, just when you think you're some real hot Shizz, you go and find an entire country with balls of steel.
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michelle said...

No booties or hoods even!? Oh my, those people are in shorts...