Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tis the season to get effed

Dec 21st, 2007
For lack of motivation for typing a full detailed summary of the past few days. Here is a journal entry that I wrote a couple days ago. I think it’ll sum up the best of it. And for the sake of the younger readers such as my innocent little baby sister who has never heard a swear word in her 15 years of life, I’ve changed a word to another meaning….see if you can tell what it is.
Dec. 18th, 2007,
LOVE ME!!! I am royally LOVED! I bought a car yesterday from an auto auction. it’s a 1996 Subaru Legacy with about 75,000 miles on it. I got it for $1800 New Zealand dollar which is about $1500 USD. It had one bad tire that needed to be replaced but that was it as far I was could tell. Seemed like a good deal, so I went for it. The graciousness of Tim and Jennifer returned as Tim offered to take me to the auto auction and sit with me the whole time as I freaked out at the intensity of the auction. It took most of the evening and Jennifer waiting for a ride from us at work. Anyways, I got the car and started driving it off. Not even 5 kilometers away from the auction place and the “Check Engine” light comes on. As I’ve learned with my truck from back home (which is still not fixed or sold by the way) this can be a LOVIN pain in the arse. Then, to top it off, as I took a right hand turn, I started hearing the CV joints clicking violently. LOVE!!! I was thinking I should have been able to hear this when I test drove it, but looking back, the auction only lets you go around this LOVING lamo track, but the track only turned left! LOVE!! How is it my luck that it was the right side that was all LOVED up?!? LOVE YOU Auto Auction!!!!! Then, to top it off, I find that the registration expires in a few weeks and I have to wait 10 days just to get it in the mail and the Warrant of Fitness (which is a safety check of all vehicles in NZ done every 6 months) is up in February! LOVE!!!! What the LOVE was I thinking?!?! I’m such a LOVIN idiot!! So before I travel anywhere I have to get a new tire (which I found to be way more expensive than I thought here), get the CV joints replaced and somehow put my mind to ease about the LOVIN check engine light. I still need to buy insurance! LOVE!!!!!! Looking at my account and given my truck issues back home….I’M LOVING BROKE!!!! How the LOVE did this happen!!! MOTHER LOVER!!!! This was supposed to last me a LOVIN year and I’m barely two weeks into the trip!!! I haven’t even bought a LOVIN surfboard yet!! LOVE ME!!! I need a job, I’m not going anywhere. LOVE IT! I'm out.

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Jordan said...

Really a '96 Subaru does'nt drive like a Lexus? I'm surprised. Oh Ryan, I think nature and Al are trying to tell you something; only sinners drive and pollute the Earth. Serves you right for killing out air.