Sunday, December 23, 2007

Turning around

It is seriously quite interesting to me how a body of water can look so turquoise blue and yet be so numbingly cold at the same time. Can anyone out there explain this to me? I'm really fascinated by it. Seriously I'm interested if you know. I mean the water and this whole place reminds me so much of Hawaii, but there I go again trying to compare it to somewhere I've been. But the mountains and the water color are so stunningly beautiful, it's unreal sometimes. I drove out to a beach yesterday called Castle Point. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere on the Southeast coast of the North Island. Beautiful Place. Probably one if the most beautiful beaches I've ever been. Went for a hike with my new Flatmate Hamish, (I'll tell you more about that in a bit) and then I went for a swim in the beautiful water. it was so inviting, how could I not, but it was so cold! To me if the ocean is green, its cold. If the ocean is blue and light blue, its warm. Obviously this theory needs some work. Check out the Photos on this link:

Ok here's the low down. Apologies if the last post seemed like I was down a bit. I kind of was, but I needed to remember that this is all part of the traveling game. Stuff like this happens all the time to people right? Ok...well maybe not everyone, but there's always a way to figure it out. Stuff and ideas and plans are always changing, you just got to adapt to it. So once I decided that I was about out of money from this car thing. I realized that I couldn't afford to be driving around all over the place. So I decided to rent a room out and look for a job. I found a room for rent for the next few weeks in a house in Newtown, which is about a 20 minute walk from downtown Wellington. I have 3 flatmates (that's what they call roommates here), all doctors, Kunaal, Hamish and Amit. All just a year or two younger than I. Super cool guys. They're letting me rent the room out until the 28th of Jan and then they have a more stable flatmate coming to live with them. Totally awesome as I'm not big into leases at this point. Then I started looking for a job. Since its right around the holiday's I wasn't thinking I'd find anything anytime soon, but to my luck, I got a call a couple days ago and was offered some construction work out by the beach (which gets surf! and I found is only like an 8 minute drive from my new house). All that's left is to get a board. I just need to make some money first. But I've also found that it's pretty hard to find good boards here. New ones are painfully expensive and the 2nd hand market here....well lets just say needs some work (but I think that it means not a lot of people are surfing over here). Anyways, so the whole point of this super long post is that thing are starting to turn around. And even though I'm not traveling around all over the country right now, it feels good to have a place and be meeting some people and making some friends. Beside, something wouldn't feel right waking up in the back of the Subaru on Christmas....but then again that could be fun too. Merry Christmas!!!!


Jessica said...

Hurray!! I'm so glad things are turning around for you. It's Christmas morning and Steven and I just caught up on your blog and read "tis the season to get effed." We were feeling very bad for you and are glad to know things are the way, I have lots of friends who have moved overseas alone and they ALL have a hard time at first...take it in stride.

Jessica said...

Hey Ryan - You've probably figured this out by now, but did you know the water is warm in north? Like 70F warm. NZ is unusual bc it's so small but still at the intersection of 2 currents: the evil antarctic circumpolar current in the south and the warm south equatorial current in the north. Dude. I would go north.

Jed and Kate said...

Ryan, these pictures are so incredibly breathtaking! I am serioulsly blown away by the beauty that you're surronded by there. It just reinforces my earlier desires to visit Australia and New Zealand at some point in my life. After seeing this, I realize I absolutely have to. I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up for you. Good luck with your new job and whatever it is that lies ahead for you.