Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Beginings

Happy New Year!! I guess it's been a few days since my last post, but I hope everyones new year celebrations were awesome! Life hasn't been too exciting recently, but I've had a few adventures. I'll put up some pictures is a bit. I guess the news worth writing about is my new job. I've been working doing construction, building a fitness gym. It's good work and I'm actually enjoying it for now. It had been two months since I've actually had a job and it feels good to be making some money instead of spending it. The cool part is it's one block from the beach, so I can spend my lunch break chillin in the sand checkin out the surf. Still don't have a board but I'm working super hard on finding one. Soon. Been hanging out with my new flatmates a ton too. Been having a great time with them. Last weekend we took a day and went up into the hills and did some fly fishing at a river called the Waiheine or something. It was in the Tararua Forest Park, in case your geography inhibitions take over and you decide to google map it. But really beautiful. No fish of course. Check out the pictures here.

The other exciting adventure was a trip out to Cape Palliser I took today with the flatmates. It was really beautiful. Had so much fun taking pictures there. I kept blinking in awe and thinking to myself "is this for real?" It looks really close to Wellington on the map, but it ended up turning into a 2.5 hour drive out there. Beautiful scenery though, well worth it. Tested out the old Suby on some dirt roads and mountain passes and she loved it. Check out the Cape picts here:

Anyways, I just wanted to get some pictures out to you. I'm pretty tired and can't think of anything really intelligent to say so I'll leave you with a quote my buddy Jake used to say to me "If you find yourself alone in the woods and you hear a banjo....RUN!!!!"


mike wheeler said...

Glad to hear thing are turning round abit for you. Our new year wasn't too exciting, just saying at home with lil'Con bomb. He's learing how to talk now and were teaching him how to say Good'ay mate' so when uncle ryan get back.
We've had really good surf here over christmas, but i was in Vacouver for most of it but did get to surf my birthday and New Years Eve. I missed the boat on newyears eve I surfed the Elwha shoulderhigh and Twin was firing head and a half to double. Oh well at leas Erik continued to score. We all miss you and send our love.
Mike, Lindsey, lil' Con Bomb

michelle said...

Yay for long hair!