Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Return to Castle Point

Once again I found myself with everything I own in my car, only this time I had a few extras. Surfboard, guitar and some socks and underwear my mom and aunt sent me for my birthday. My time at the flat was up and on Saturday, I officially became homeless again. So i did what everyone who has everything they own in their car and a weekend off....I went to the beach! I headed back for Castle Point. For some thinking, surfing (as a swell was coming) and solitude.

A few hours from Wellington, but still feels like the middle of nowhere. Driving the suby (which runs great now) on the beach, is fun, ridiculously fun actually. I can't get enough of it. But I surfed and surfed and surfed. I actually surfed the 3 days prior as there were waves after work in Wellington. I was wondering why I was so tired on Monday and realized I'd been in the ocean for 5 days in a row. Can't complain about that. Anyways, Castle Point was yet again as amazing as it was the first time. The weather was a bit crummy and I got rained on all night, but it was worth for the waves. I good time to reassess things. I did a little hike to this beach called Christmas Bay, and it was really cool. But I found these really bizzar, blue jelly fish everywhere. They looked like they're hurt really bad so I didn't touch and just took pictures. Check em out.

As for an update on my living status, I'm currently staying with my previous flatmates (Hamish) family. As they graciously offered me an extra room until I figure stuff out. I was flat hunting again, but decided I need to move soon. Time for a new town or a change or something...not sure. But I haven't been sure about anything for many months now...why change?

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Jacob said...

Never grab a dead opposum by the tail unless you plan to use it.

They play dead, so unless you're planning on road kill stew for dinner you better forget it and move on. If you hold on it could tear you up if it becomes alive. Then you're forced to kill it, which means you still get your meal.

Moral: Don't dream unless you're willing to follow through with all of the ups and downs.

You my friend have grabbed the Opossum by the tail.

Man Love