Saturday, February 9, 2008

Awesome is an Understatement

My apologies for the lack of new blogs lately. Been in a bit of a funk. The tolls of packing up, leaving and trying to make a life in a crazy new world have finally caught up with me a bit. It's funny though, right when you think that the world is out to get you and nothing seems to be working in your favor, you become humbled. This happened yesterday. Stuff down under has been getting interesting. You quite often hear the term "when it rains, it pours." And I have learned that this is true in many, many walks of life. I took off to Castle point to chase some massive swell that was hitting the East Coast. I found it. Massive waves.

I've spent time on the North Shore of Oahu in the winter and I've never seen anything this awesome, and awesome being an understatement. Castle Point sits on the East Coast of the North Island about a 3 hour drive from Wellington. The Point itself sticks way out into the sea. Steep rock walls on both sides that end in super deep water. So when a good swell comes along, it never even feels the bottom until it is suddenly and abruptly stopped in its path by the near-vertical rock walls. The result, which I found out yesterday, is massive exploding walls of water multiple stories high. Old Faithful eat this! I couldn't even begin to explain its awesomeness and shear power. Gave me butterflies in the stomach each time a set wave ended it's thousand mile journey with such a finale that the worlds greatest fireworks show would be envious. The pictures, as always never do the justice, but just try to imagine the power and the sound every time one of these liquid sea monsters went out with a bang. Sitting there, thankful I was not in the middle of all the chaos, made me realize how insignificant any problem I currently have, could really be. The ocean is seriously an inspiring place at times. Helped to drop into some large waves on my surfboard too :)

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Chuck said...

Hey Ryan,

Hang in there, guy. You're in the beginnings of a great adventure. Have faith that things will turn out fine. I'm proud of you for trying to make a life in such an exciting place. Take care.

Chuck (your favorite Ecology pilot)