Thursday, March 27, 2008

Able Tasman National Park

After the Sailboat trip, I found myself in Nelson with no real plans. Funds are pretty low, so its time to find work. But it was such nice, warm weather so late in the season, I thought it'd be worth checking out the nearby Able Tasman National Park, famed for it's beautiful white sand beaches and lush vegetation. It's idyllic waters are very popular with kayakers as there are heaps of tour operators in the area. However, it's forgiving and well maintained hiking trails has the park ranked as one of the nations "Great Walks". There are 9 in the country. So with no solid plans, beautiful weather, why not go spend a few days hiking on the beach?
When I registered for my pass, I learned that the down side of being considered a "Great Walk" is if you want to stay in one of the huts, it'll cost you $40 night. Unless of course you have a tent. Which I did. The downside of the tent, is that the bugs and rain will get you...which they did.

But in all it was an awesome couple days hiking 30 kilometers along side some of the most beaches that New Zealand has to offer. When the sun went down that evening, it really made the whole hike complete as the night sky put on an incredible show. The miklyway was so vibrant and there were shooting stars everywhere. I just sat there for hours watching it and listening to the ocean. Later in the night, the moon rose from the sea and lit up the whole beach just as the sun did only hours before. I spent 3 hours trying to get a good shot of it. None of my pictures even came close though to capturing the magic of it all. But maybe you'll enjoy them.

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