Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Keeping on Moving

Over the past few weeks, the hunt for cold water waves took us on a tour over 4,000 kilometers around the entire South Island of New Zealand. Huge mountains, raging rivers, glaciers, rugged coastlines, lush forests, barren landscapes, endless farms surrounded by rolling hills and spiky mountains was the scenery always in the frame of the car windows. It was almost too much to take in sometimes. My mind found it difficult to grasp all the incredibleness that each day would bring. Looking back at the pictures only to be disappointed, knowing that an image will never capture what we saw in it’s entirety. Things that you can’t get from an image, like the true mass of a mountain. The feeling of being surrounded by so many large natural features that you feel so small and unimportant. The vast emptiness of a beach. The sound of the sea crashing on rocks and the cry of birds and seals. The thundering of waves on your pillow at night as you try to go to sleep. And then the colors the landscape would give off when the sun broke through the clouds.

Our tour of the South Island didn’t leave us with too many waves, but it was more than worth the journey. We are currently making our way to the North Island and to the Taranaki area. There is a good sized swell coming to the West Coast and we’re hoping to tap some of it’s energy. Andrew is arriving to join us on the 12th and we will officially have a crew. The car is doing ok considering how many miles we’ve put on the ol’ girl. Still dealing with the same issues of a decent sized oil leak and the newly discovered sound of the CV joints going out (yes, I did just had them replaced a few months ago) . But I’m optimistic that I can get the car to last another month. Cause that’s all I need out if it.

After almost 6 months, I’ve decided to start making my way home and finally leave New Zealand. My sister’s wedding is August 31st and I will be home for that. I’m going to taking the long way back as I’ve just booked myself a ticket to Indonesia in June with a brief stop in Australia. Lots of craziness on the way. As I wave goodbye to the South Island, it’ll probably be the last time I see it, on this trip anyways, I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.


Pat said...

Carl and I have been following your adventures in New Zealand for the past several months and just want to say thank you for sharing your life experiences with your family and friends! Your pictures are amazing (and I understand when you say they just can't do justice to the real thing). Sounds like you are ready to head off toward new destinations and I can hardly wait to hear the next chapter. I bet the story about selling your car will be intersting!! Give Brad and Silvia a hug for us when you get to Italy. Be safe/have fun Pat

Lucas said...

hey brah, I'm finally all caught up on you blogs! I've been reading them from kate's iPhone all morning and am totally blown away. Your trip has been amaizing to read about and I'm so stoked for your next post. So glad to hear you are going for indo, freakin bad-ace! Are the guys coming with you? So freakin jell-ass. You guys rock! Ya know, I feel like a shit for not coming to visit. I may be helplessly married to my all consuming and stressful job, but its a timing thing for me and my current goals. I don't want to do this thing for more than another year or so, the path will materialize with time. Anyway, I'm super stoked to surf with you in 4 months and amped to live vicariously through your adventures in indo. Rock on brother, and living it up, your stories are amaizing! Peace

Lucas said...

oh, and your wellington family sound awesome! So glad you hooked up with them, freakin rad. When I was in Spain I felt super lost for a while untill I met a cool family and just a few days made a world of difference. Not to comare, just to say I can hear ya! Oh yeah, and I want to hear the crazy story about the bar and pool game that happened months ago! Hasta broski!

Jason said...

so between you living and traveling in new zealand and another buddy traveling through europe, i'm thoroughly jealous and totally stoked for you both. reading your blogs i totally got images of what it would be like to be there with you and how amazingly amazing it would all be. again, totally stoked for you man. i wish it were easier to communicate with you and actually be able to talk, but i guess thats the price you pay for the freedom you got. well, if i don't hear from you before i go to costa rica, i'll definitely let you know how it went. late!