Monday, May 12, 2008

Taranaki and the Mouse

After almost a month of Traveling around New Zealand looking for surf with Craig, I have begun to realize many things about the inter workings of this world. One being that many people travel all over the world for many different reason. No one single person is on the road for the same reason or same purpose. It makes it unique and inspiring. Then I have come to realize that there are those that don’t need to wonder the globe looking for something they may never find. These are the people content right where they live and have lived their whole life. This in itself is inspiring in a completely different way.

Craig and I have almost spent a whole week in the area known as Taranaki. It is the New Zealand version of Oahu’s North Shore in terms of waves. Except there are hardly any people and the water is colder. So maybe it’s nothing like Hawaii, but it is amazing. But here in Taranaki, there are both kinds of people. There are the ones that have come from all over the globe to sample this regions physical oceanographic bounty. In beater used cars that break down every 1000 kilometers. Ones that have spent the past 8 days camping for free and whose hair or skin hasn’t felt fresh water in what most would claim as “way too long”. Then there are those who have been here their whole life’s, either working on a farm or some brutal physical labor job and couldn’t ask for anything more because they know, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than this. These are the guys we see walking through their farms to the beach with surfboards or getting rides down the beach on their four-wheelers or tractors.

It’s a chill existence right now. The simple routine of checking surf, making food and setting up camp has become the world we live in. Beers, hotdogs and driftwood beach fires has been our entertainment after the sun sets at 5:30pm. Craig has a pretty good system of setting up his tent that is rapidly falling apart. I have figured out a few tricks of parking the Subaru at the perfect level so all the blood doesn’t rush out of my head in the middle of the night. Among the few interesting characters we meet out in the middle of nowhere, I have met a new friend. I’ve named him Herman. It appears he likes to hang out at night when I’m sleeping. He’s an interesting fellow, as I can’t seem to figure out where he sleeps all day, but when he scurries across my sleeping bag at night, I know he wants to play. Herman has been pretty respectful as he hasn’t got into our food….yet. He seems to stick to the garbage bags that we keep in the car at night now due to many run-ins with the ever abundant possums that plague New Zealand's native environment. But I’m hoping to discover him soon.

As for what’s next we’re not entirely sure. Andrew is somewhere in the country, aimlessly wondering Kiwi-ville, so we’re hoping to meet up with him at some point soon. Until then, enjoy the picts!

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Jacob said...

It is true that we travel in search of ourselves, but in reality we find ourselves not moving from place to place. We can only find our true selves when we stop and look at who we are in the moment. There is so much beauty in the world to see and there is so much beauty in ourselves and the people we hold dearest. After my own adventures, I find the greatest adventure to be with my future wife and my dog in the backyard drinking a beer, listening to good music and facing the wonderful life I created for myself. Ryan you have been in some great adventures, but being your friend has been great becuase I see you for the amazing soul you are.