Friday, May 30, 2008

What do I really need?

I thought I've been through this already! Before I left, I reduced everything I own to 4 Rubbermaid tubs into my parents garage. I put everything I needed for a year into a backpack and a small pack for carry on items. I thought that was enough of a radical reduction of my worldly possessions. How in the world did I accumulate more stuff?! I was living in my car basically for the past 4 months! Something doesn't make sense.

Today I've found myself sorting though all my stuff into 3 piles. What I need. What I want. And what I don't want. It seemed that that pile for what I don't want was a lot smaller than the want pile. But Tuesday I begin a journey over the next few months of going around the world. I can't afford to be lugging stuff I don't need. Today was a bit of a cleanup day and I have to say I am completely shocked of how much stuff I've accumulated in the past few months. I've really had no budget to buy anything, but somehow, I've managed to fill the trunk of my car full of things I'm getting rid of. In the words of the famous Madonna "We live in a material world and I'm..." Never mind. You get my point. Stuff sucks and it somehow it finds its way into our lives. It's good to get rid of stuff every once in a while and downsize periodically, but I really didn't think I'd be doing one this massive after living a life of trying not to accumulate stuff.

Craig and I have found ourselves in the Coromandel Peninsula for the past few days. The days are really short this time of year, but the sun has been shinning and it's so beautiful. Being the winter and the low season, we've had the place to ourselves. The hostel we've been at the past 3 nights, we've been the only ones staying here. It been a great way to relax, chill and finish off the last few days of an epic trip. Tomorrow I'll take Craig to the airport and end a 6 week journey that has taken us up and down and back around the North and South Islands of New Zealand. There is rumored a swell is hitting Raglan this weekend and I'm headed down there for a few days. Tuesday I leave for Sydney. It will be bitter sweet, but I'm more than ready. Enjoy the picts from the past few days.

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