Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hallo From Indo

This is my first post without pictures. But I have some. I just can't get them online right now. I'm staying on the North side of the Island of Bali in Indonesia. I have to wait for certain times of the day for them to turn on the generators for me to use the computers and they only have dial-up with is super slow in case any of us remember what that was like.
So I have a full conclusion to OZ all written up and some more pictures, ones of Koala Bears and me chillin with Kangaroos in the grass. But I'll have to wait to get to better internet until I can post them. I leave for Rome on July 5th, so maybe then, but hopefully it won't be that long.
Bali is probably the most exotic place I've ever been. People everywhere. I haven't taken any pictures but I've only been here two days. The reason being I don't like busting out a piece of equipment that is worth more than their years salary.
After 7 months of Camping, and staying in hostels with 8 other people in one room, I've decided to treat myself a bit. I'm in a 4-star resort with my own room, hot water showers, AC, pool and mini-bar. It's a dive resort so I get 6 dives, 3 nights lodging, and transfers from the airport. Oh yeah and I'm paying $225. I'm not kidding. The diving is some of the best I've ever seen too. There's an old US navy boat that they got and sunk right off the beach. I've already done 2 dives today and am so amazed by how much live coral and huge the fish are. The place is called Tulamben and I guess years ago this was a small fishing village, but over-harvesting made it collapse, so they sunk a huge boat given to them by the US and now all the fishermen are diving guides or porters that carry your gear to the beach. It's a little more of a sustainable industry than fishing. Which I think it pretty cool.
Anyways, I'll be taking off to the Bukit Peninsula in a few days for a few weeks of sampling some of the best waves the world's ocean can produce. Hopefully I'll find some better internet connections so I can post you some pictures soon.
Taria Mikasi (means thank you in indonesian and sounds like "Tear up my carseat")
PS- The food is pretty amazing too.

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