Sunday, June 29, 2008

More than One Way to Have fun

I think I found something in Bali that I didn't know was here. Not only have I found adventure and amazing waves, but I have found something I really didn't know I'd love so much. I thought about it but only in the way that I view having a car, riding a bike or getting on an airplane. It was just supposed to be transportation while I was here. At $3 a day, I am finding incredible thrills and excitement in my daily journeys on my motorbike. It was just supposed to be a means to get me around to the waves and travel through Bali. I really didn't expect to love it this much. I really had no idea that riding a motorbike in Indonesia could be so much fun. It stimulates all the senses at the same time. I can ride for hours on the busy streets and highways and still find that I'm wanting more. I've checked surf spots even when I know there are better waves somewhere elsewhere, just cause I want to drive the road again. I've never seen people drive like this. Motorbikes 5 wide on one lane, horns honking, trucks spewing rocks and black exhaust on every turn and hill. Closed roads, corrupt police trying to pull me over (and succeeding at times), passing motorbikes with a family of 5 on the back. Driving on the sidewalk! It's all too much. My heart throbs when I park my bike and all I can think of is getting a cold beer and sitting down, feeling like I actually just accomplished something great, like riding a giant wave or taking a picture I love. I really didn't expect this. But Indonesia is full of the unexpected, and in two weeks, it has not yet to let me down.

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michelle said...

These are my favorite pictures ever.