Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Road Trippin

Finally met up with the Kiwi guys. Hamish, Kunnal, Damien and Tom or Wombat as they like to call him. We’ve rented a car and have been hauling up the coast. We’re currently in the Ozzies version of Miami called Surfers Paradise. It’s a bit overwhelming having just come from New Zealand, but it has a striking resemblance to Waikiki which I’m more than familiar with. Miles of beautiful beaches backed by massive skyscrapers. Can’t say I’d want to spend a lot of time here, but it was nice to hang out for a day. I’m am now surfing without a wetsuit which is more than awesome.

Just before I met up with the guys I took off on a mini road trip with this guy I met from Santa Barbra named Joel. He had a car and wanted to go get waves, so I was in. We ended up in this small town a few hours south of Sydney called Uladulla. We camped out in a holiday park and walked to town to grab some food. We ended up at a pub and had one of the most hilarious nights meeting small town Ozzies. Among the many highlights from the evening, one local bought me a beer and gave joel the shirt off his back. Another point in the evening one of the locals decided that he wanted to ride his BMX bike thought out the pub greeting all the newcomers. He was not kicked out

We headed back to Sydney where I met up with the guys. They had rented a car and we started making our way north. We stayed the night in a nice little town called Port Maquarie. Then moved on to Byron Bay. Been surfing a ton and having a great time being entertained by Kiwi’s in the land of OZ. The differences between the country’s are even more apparent since I’ve been with them. Sunday I leave for Bali and couldn’t be more excited.

Byron Picts:

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