Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Rush

Wrote: June 7th, 2008

There is nothing quite like the feeling of arriving at a place you’ve never been before. It’s a rush that is indescribable. Flying into a foreign airport, the first thing you see of a place is everything surrounding the runway just before you land. First you hear the wheels screech at first contact with the ground. The massive roar of the engine when the pilot puts the throttle into reverse to slow the plane. Then the anticipation while the plane taxi’s down to its selected terminal. The noise of the seatbelts when everyone seems to simultaneously unclick the buckles and then open the overhead bins to gather their belongings. Upon stepping off the plane, walking through the ramp and into the terminal my stomach almost quivers at the excitement of the unknown. It’s the beginning of an adventure. It always is. You never really know what will happen next.

Arriving in Sydney, I felt the same rush I got 6 months ago when I landed in New Zealand. I missed it. It’s a feeling I can only get when going to a new place. It’s the fear, the dreams, the freedom and the reality of it all happening at that moment that fuels this un-replicable high. I thrive on it. Everything that follows, no matter what really happens, you cannot take away that feeling.
Sydney has been one of the most pleasant experiences of my travels thus far. I’m in travel groove. It took a while but I find that I am very stimulated and relaxed at being in an incredible new place. I’ve met travelers who have just arrived from Europe and are starting their year-long holiday and really don’t know what to do with themselves. They can’t sit still, they pace about the hostel going from the kitchen to the to the TV room to their room, the lay down, go for a walk and act so anxious. I feel like I’m a pro at this now. I can totally kill a day doing nothing and feel good about it. I focus each day on things that I find important like surfing, writing and taking pictures. It’s really amazing to have time to focus on the things you are passionate about in life. I feel very fortunate.

I just got some good news from New Zealand. My car sold! It went at the auction for the same price as I bought it for 20,000 kilometers ago. I was a bit shocked actually. But it really feels good to not have the burden over my head anymore. I just realized that this is the first time in my life in the last 10 years that I have not been responsible for a car. To me, I find this feeling a bit ironic because a car is the symbol of freedom as you can go anywhere you want at anytime. But not having a car now, I have never felt more free.

I’m really enjoying the constant stimulation of always being surrounded by people. It’s a bit like being back in college in the dorms. Except now I’m 26. I am officially the old dude. Everyone staying at the hostel are all around 20 years old. The more I talk to these people the older I feel. My motives of travel seem far different than theirs. Makes me really glad I didn’t travel any younger. Every night seems like there is usually one goal in mind. Get pissed. I have found that one of the fastest ways to deplete precious travel funds is to go out drinking. Knowing I have 2.5 months left on this epic voyage to mother Shington, my evenings usually consist of a good book and a cup of herbal tea. The more I find myself enjoying it, the older I feel.
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