Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arriverdercci Italia!

Wrote: July 21st, 2008
I figure I’m about 10 pounds heavier than when I first arrived in Italy two and a half weeks ago. Yes the food is amazing. Of course I’m going miss it. There really isn’t any other type of foods in Italy other than Italian. Makes sense, but just a look around any town and you’re not going to see the array of ethnic restaurants we see in most cities around the States. They’ve definitely figured something out and they know what they like. They’ve had thousands of years to perfect food, why mess with it?

The simplicity of Italian life makes so much sense to me. It seems everything here comes in threes. Almost every great Italian food I tried never had no more than 3 main ingredients. Pasta, Ham and cheese. Pizza with cheese and basil. 3 courses for food. Antipasti, pasta and post-pasta. 3 different beverages, beer, water and wine. 3 meals a day. Coffee, dinner and more dinner. 3 hours for lunch, 3 hours for dinner and 3 hours for drinks and socializing. Go to bed at 3. I think there is a lot to be learned from this age-old land.

The images of all the elderly people sitting on benches in every little town, just watching the world move by is ingrained in my memory forever. The pace of life is slower here. Shops close in the middle of the day for a 3 hour lunch and nap break. Makes it hard to find allergy meds when you can’t stop itching your eyes and sneezing after a lunch in a giant grassy park. But that’s just the way it is. It’s Italy.

Above all, I will not forget the hospitality I was shown here. I was more than taken care of for the past few weeks. I had Italians show me Italy. Silva and her parents, Luisa and Sergio, housed and fed me for the entire time I was here. Her mom even did all my stinky laundry everyday. Every time we went out or drove somewhere, people refused to take money from me. They were so eager for me to try their favorite dishes or show me their favorite part of Italy. I made friends here I that I will keep my entire life. I cannot wait to come back.

This blog is linked with 2 different albums. One of from a trip to Lake Como and one is from a night in Milan.

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Sandar said...

ryan... you've got some bomber pics dude.
damn i'm ready to travel again...
i was curious where you're at.. checked.. and wished i didn't know!!!!
i'm in the heart of my 'work' season.... so no dreams for this lady...
i need to do italy again.. this time with a decent camera and a trip to cinque terra...
pictures rock!
safe travels...