Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick Vino

I just wanted to throw out a few quick pictures for Y'all. One of Brad's last days in Italy, him and Silvia took me out to the country for a nice little drive to show me the area surrounding Pavia, the town Sivlia grew up. It really is like the movies.

If there is one thing about Italy I'm going to remember, it's all the old people chillin on benches. In every town there are old people sitting on benches, just watching cars and people go by and talking.

The lovely Italian couple

PS-Comming soon...Rome

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Jason said...

dude, between you and your travels and my friend brian backpacking through europe right now, i've probably seen picts from about 30 countries in the last 4 months and been to costa's epic. i love it. hope your doing well man. trust that italy is treating you nicely, it is from the looks of it. and i love the long hair!!!! and the chest hair in your cleavage shot ;) when you swinging down here in LA? i forget the dates. let me know when you have an idea. not sure if i'll be available or not. blessing to you my friend!