Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Stop

The quick trip to the County of Oranges proved to be one of my favorite trips to this area of California I've ever had. My supposedly few hour journey to the West Coast turned into the longest amount of time I've ever spent on an airplane. Heavy, gnarly thunder showers closed the airport in New York and I was stuck on an airplane sitting on the runway for over 4 hours until the pilot decided it was safe to take off. No food and they ran out of water to drink, it was a hot and sticky grounded airplane session. I had to go to Atlanta to change flights and once there I had to run to catch the last flight to the West coast. No time to get food. 5 hours to LA and once there it was almost 1 in the morning. No food and one little cup of water for 13 hours in an airplane. I was appalled. 18 flights in the past 9 months and I have not seen it this bad. Our domestic flights need some work.

Groggy and totally hypoglycemic from the days events, I was shocked to find that despite the presence of coin slots, the pay phones in the airport no longer accept coins. Frustrated, I put the receiver down about to seek out a random cell phone and I get a tap on my shoulder. Not only was it my cousin Heather, but her husband James and son Mikey. On a work night they drove an hour to pick me up and take me home at 1 in the morning. I was so thankful for their graciousness.

The next 5 days absolutely flew by. I spent my time being totally spoiled by my cousin, going to Mikey's football games and practices, watching movies and going surfing with my buddy Jason. This trip has definitely gave me a new sense of family and I have never before been able to hangout with my cousin and her family like this. It was more than awesome. I cherished every moment.

Going from New York to Southern California was a huge change for me. I'm slowly adjusting back into American life and feeling more comfortable each day. Right I'm now I'm sitting at the airport, enjoying one of the many luxuries we have in this country, free Internet, and awaiting to board my flight to Seattle. Every emotion possible has gone through me today and the last week. My anxiousness has been numbed by the reality of the day and this moment. I have one thing left to do on this trip. Go home.

Here's a link to my Orange County Picts:

For those of you still reading my blog, this is not my last post. In about a week or so I will post a massive conclusion along with some of my favorite picts from the past 9 months around the world. You will not be disappointed, I promise :)
For anyone wanting to get a hold of me, shoot me an email ryan.mceliece@gmail.com or call my folks place, where I'll be until the wedding and while I get stuff figured out. Ciao!!

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Jed and Kate said...

Looks like fun! It was great to visit with you in NYC and get a rundown of your travels in person. That flight experience sounds like a nightmare! I've had so many of those expereinces going from JFK to the West Coast or vice versa. It is inhumane what they put you through! Safe trip back to the homeland!!